The iCondom

 - Jul 1, 2008
References: i-condom & eventosdelguru
While it's not revolutionary that these condoms by Contex only offer features like lubrication and flavour, you probably never imagined that a product like the iCondom could function as a light source or change flavours on you. The iCondoms come in a pack of six clever condoms including the iMemory and the iLight. If that is not enough, they are using an image of the iPhone to build off the recent Apple hype.

Their patented latex products allows them to create innovative products for maximum performance in the sack. The $399 iCondom kit comes with condoms with unique functionality such as the iMemory; you don't have to worry about losing your erected becayse the latex remembers the shape of your manhood at its maximum size. The iLight actually works as a flashlight, the iFood was specifically designed for orlx sex, is actually edible and when he orgasms, the sperm react with the latex to produce unique flavours like cola and porridge.

Still confused? The video offers a guided tour of the iCondom.