The Icesac Offers the Dual Function of Stem Holder and Ice Breaker

 - Feb 14, 2014
References: italesse & lucanichetto
Dual-purpose doodads are not all that uncommon, yet the Icesac presents a unique combination of uses that one might not expect. Made from molded silicone material, the product fulfills your decorative and drink-related needs. Designed by Luca Nichetto with the assistance of Paolo Da Ponte and Matteo Fogale, this item takes the hybrid shape of a stem holder and a bat.

Should you wish to turn large ice blocks into a smaller crushed form, fill the slightly bulbous pocket of the pliable container with frozen cubes, tighten the drawstring in the middle, grasp the open end and smack the textured side of the Icesac against the countertop. Alternatively, pour water into the Icesac, sit it upright and insert a bunch of flowers, transforming the object into a vase.