The Minus5 Ice Bar is Made Entirely of Imported Canadian Ice

 - Jul 19, 2013
References: minus5experience & thatsnerdalicious
To revamp traditional bar-outing experiences, New York's Minus5 ice bar offers customers the chance to hang out in a restaurant made entirely of ice. Located in the Hilton Midtown, party people and bar-goers can enjoy drinking in temperatures of -5 degree Celsius.

The Minus5 ice bar is a creative take on the standard indoor bar scene. Made entirely from imported Canadian blocks of ice, everything from the chairs, lights, walls to even cups inside the Minus5 is made of ice. The bar never rises over -5 dgrees Celsius so that everything stays in a solid state. This means that anything that could potentially give off heat, such as technological devices like cell phones, have to be kept in "temperature-proof lockers" outside the bar. While the Minus5 ice bar seems super cool, be prepared to dress in parkas, hats and mittens to enjoy your drink.