This Ian White Series is Uncanny and Unsettling

 - Jun 4, 2012
References: ianwhite & fashionserved
Los Angeles-based photographer Ian White states on his Behance page that he "loves collecting people." He goes on further to say that his tastes are not limited to just the notable but the obscure as well. Of course, he is not talking about actual people, but their likenesses, as White is a photographer. His recent series 'Doll Play' depicts models dressed up to look like mannikins. This is pulled off almost too well.

Many people have had the experience of looking at what they thought was a mannikin in some shopping mall or department store only to have it move and reveal itself as an actual person. Ian White takes this a step further. In some of the shots, it is almost impossible to tell whether or not the figures depicted are actual people or mannikins. It's uncanny.