Olafur Eliasson's Starbrick Light Can Expand to Any Size

 - Jun 14, 2009
References: olafureliasson.net & starbrick.de
I love modular designs, and here is another one: Olafur Eliasson’s Starbrick light is an experiment of light modulation and space. The design was made for a company called Zumtobel.

Starbrick is a convergence of 21st century design and contemporary art, as explained by Mr Eliasson here:

"I have attempted to develop a module that, while functioning as an object in itself, can also be assembled to form multiple basic architectural elements such as walls, whether freestanding or integrated into an overall structure, suspended ceilings, columns of all shapes, sizes and volumes – theoretically, you could build an entire luminous house out of ‘Starbricks’!

The expandable principle is a generous one that makes it possible for people to buy a lamp system that can be related to its surroundings. Depending on the context, you can change and rebuild the system; whether in a small study or a concert hall, the module can be used as an architectural building unit, merging light and volume.

By further developing the current prototype with Zumtobel, I hope to be able to offer this light module for everyday use and living. It poses questions that are central to both contemporary art and society: how does light define space? What politics of light infuse our immediate surroundings?"

The great thing about modular designs is that the idea revolves around a simple brick unit which can either function on its own or integrated into a larger piece. It's all up to you!

The basic structure is a cube with six surfaces. It has LEDs and are organized to provide white light while also creating a luminous, yellow and kaleidoscopic core in the shape of the cube-like octahedron.