The I Poop You Art Exhibit Talks About a Taboo Subject

 - Aug 17, 2013
References: publicsf & theatlanticcities
In San Francisco, art curators threw caution to the wind and displayed the I Poop You gallery. This exhibit features all the best work that is made out of, or inspired by, feces.

Social distinction tell us that unless it has to do with babies or animals, there is no circumstance where one should talk about their bowel movements. However, this gallery not only talked about it, they showcased it. The exhibits are primarily made out of animal feces, and the excrement has been dyed, dried and used in various pieces. If the medium wasn't actual poop, then the art was inspired by it. Photographs and stories were all done in honor of the number two.

This is a strange exhibit, but the I Poop You gallery was very successful. I guess people like to be able to throw the rule book out the window every so often.