I Hate Young People

 - Sep 13, 2007
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Older generations just don't understand why today's youth do what they do. A new project called I Hate Young People is collecting user-generated stories to create a television pilot. It pits young against old with the famed "trouble with kids these days" adage. Videos on the site are mashed up into montages on race relations, music, sexuality, pop culture, and technology among others. It makes for an interesting dialog on the way people see the world.

Networks, websites, and corporations have tapped the creative streaks of consumers in promoting user generated content. Sony did it with Current TV, Southwest Airlines did it with their "Wanna Get Away?" campaign, ESPN teamed up with Monday Night Football to solicit viewer generated content, local network news affiliates do it all the time. Even primetime gossip shows are using footage from YouTube to supplement their content.