Hyo Taek Kim Pays Tribute to Famous Animated Films Using Color Swatches

 - Apr 5, 2015
References: hyotk & laughingsquid
'The Colors Of' is a visual breakdown of the colors in Hyo Taek Kim's favorite animated movies. The films all come from either Disney or filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki and include classics such as 'The Lion King' and 'My Neighbor Totoro.' Many artists have re-imagined animated films, turning Disney characters into everything from pop culture icons to bowls of water. Kim takes the minimalist route, showing only the array of color used in each movie.

Hyo Take Kim's The Colors Of pushes minimalism to the limit but should still appeal to a wide variety of people as it is inspired by many famous films. Movie buffs and art lovers will both enjoy browsing each color palette, matching specific swatches to characters and scenes from iconic childhood films.