The HydroHammock Combines Two of Life's Most Relaxing Pastimes

 - Jul 14, 2015
References: hydrohammock & gizmag
The HydroHammock is a wonderful contraption that is effectively a fusion of a hammock and a hot tub. This hammock suspends you in an elevated hot tub with several dozen gallons of heated water, a perfect way to relax in your backyard and beyond.

The contraption is built from sealed, high-tensile fabric that is capable of holding a tub-full of water. This hammock can hold two people and as much as 50 gallons of water, even though 20 gallons is really enough for a functional hot tub-hammock hybrid.

The HydroHammock is perfect for use on road trips, camping trips and other similar adventures. The prospect of reclining elevated in a hammock hot tub in the middle of the wilderness is simply blissful and is sure to appeal to anyone who wants the ultimate in relaxation.