Using Saved Energy, 'Hybrid Public Bike' Powers Dock Stations

 - Jul 13, 2009
References: linkedin & yankodesign
With the hybrid movement in full swing, there are many new developments that are improving the use of eco-friendly fuels. The Hybrid Public Bike concept is a fantastic innovation in the proper use of different fuels.

The bikes are up for rental and as you ride them, they save up a tremendous amount of power and when you park them, they charge the docking station (and in turn, the hybrid bus).

Upon renting a bike, an ID card is issued to you, which you insert into the bike as you use it. The bike records how long you’ve had it for and will issue you credits based on the energy saved. Enough credits could get you a free ride on the bus you’re helping to charge.

Quite a nice little incentive for saving the planet.