A-Listers Favor Elopements and Secret Weddings

 - Jan 2, 2009
References: mylifetime
Dodging paps is a difficult daily ritual for A-listers that becomes even harder to do when wedding bells are ringing. From Scarlett to Beyonce, Mariah Carey and even Olivia Newton-John, secret weddings are the next big thing for celebrities hoping to steer clear of a media swarm on their special day.

Even not-so-A-listers like Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag tried to cash in on this burgeoning trend by faking their own secret nuptials.

With more and more celebs adding up on the newly engaged list, expect to see celebrity gossip shows and tabloids such as People, E!, TMZ, and US Weekly going on a giant media scavenger hunt on this new year.

Meanwhile, our direct part as the viewers is only to see how long these marriages will really last.

Place your bets, everyone!