These Hunger Games Celebrity Makeovers are Hilariously Epic

 - Mar 27, 2012
References: vulture
Only a few days after the box-office premiere and already, a slew of Hunger Games celebrity makeovers has been revealed. It's not hard to understand the inspiration behind these Photoshop mashups. People tend to find it funny when celebrities are put into contexts where they seem out of place. This after all, is the appeal of many Saturday Night Live sketches -- Christopher Walken isn't actually obsessed with cowbells.

From John Hamm to Snooki, the Hunger Games celebrity makeovers cover a variety of pop culture icons. A particularly inventive one depicts a Hunger Games character as a zombie -- a tribute to the 'Walking Dead' AMC series, presumably.

This Hunger Games celebrity makeovers series is just another instance of Internet culture's tendency to consume, digest and reproduce culture in fresh and often funny ways.