Miro's Cleanpot Redefines the Humidifier Paradigm with its Chic Design

 - Mar 25, 2015
References: gomiro
Humidifiers have been designed according to one paradigm: pour water into a plastic container, hit some buttons and water unceremoniously mists out the top.

The Miro CleanPot politely but resolutely redefines that paradigm. Instead of the traditional water tank, the humidifier floats on a small pond of water held by the bowl of your choice. It then draws water up into the humidifier itself and gently sprays it into the air.

If you're looking to have a humidifier that actually complements your home's decor as opposed to making your space seem less polished and refined, then this new accessory is definitely for you.

All pictures courtesy of the author and http://gomiro.com/en/cleanpot/