This Human Tower Photo Series is Hypnotically Aesthetic and Unusual

 - Jun 29, 2014
References: facebook & featureshoot
This amazing human tower photo series is dizzyingly beautiful and colorfully hypnotic. To be able to capture these epic shots, photographer David Oliete had to dangle off a high platform of an arena to show the audience what 500 people look like when they come together to form a human tower.

The human tower photo series is documentation of an unusual sport that is popular in Catalan heritage that takes place in the city of Tarragona every year. The 'Concurs de Castells' is a competition where humans try to build towers using only their bodes -- which represent the virtues of strength, balance, courage and common sense in Catalan traditions.

In this set of breathtaking aerial photographs, Oliete documents the aesthetically mesmerizing and super odd sport.