British Scientists Produce Human Sperm From Stem Cells

 - Jul 9, 2009
References: english.chosun
A group of researchers from Newcastle University in Great Britain have produced human sperm in a laboratory.

The research was funded to find a solution to male infertility.

Professor Karim Nayernia, the lead scientist, confirms that the artificially created sperm can swim and swirl just like natural sperm and offer the same functionality, but without the distress.

Now, one might think that this is frivolous research and a waste of money, since we have been spending billions trying to avoid the little buggers in the first place, but scientists insist that this could be the breakthrough in the treatment of infertility that will be available in five to 10 years.

Don’t worry, this medical feat will not enable women to get pregnant without men. The sperm can only be made from male "XY" stem cells.