HUGE Brand Condoms: The Male Answer To The Push-Up Bra

 - May 23, 2006
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Finally, a company that understands, responsibility doesn't have to be boring! I am talking about HUGE Brand Condoms.

Everyone knows (or should know) that using a condom is one of the safest options available when faced with a sexual health decision. Aside from the increased protection against sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy, HUGE Brand condoms offer something more. The clever twist to this edgy new brand is that the condoms are actually standard size; it's the packages that are larger. In fact, one of the company's tongue-in-cheek slogans is, "The condom with the slightly larger package."

HUGE Brand has also changed the way we purchase condoms. Gone are the days of buying the typical 3, 12 and 36 packs. HUGE Brand offers a selection based on the length of your............ummmm............layover. You can now choose between The Nightcap (3-pack), The Weekender (12-pack), or The Extended Stay (36-pack).

The company's philosophy is to bring fun to safe sex. By combining a bit of humor with a quality product, the company hopes to make the subject of condom use and safe sex more approachable. So, have fun, wear out your welcome (wink) and stay protected.

Huge Brand condoms are available through hugebrand.comâ„¢, â„¢, Amazon.comâ„¢ and select stores throughout the United States.