The Hribarcain Omni Knife is Strong, Multipurpose and EDC-Ready

 - Nov 8, 2018
References: hribarcain & yankodesign
Many consumers have become quite focused on the everyday carry (EDC) items they keep with them, which is seeing brands create products like the Hribarcain Omni Knife to offer multifunctional qualities and style in one compact solution.

The knife features an impossible small design that can be opened by pressing on the hubless hinge to reveal a marble-like blade that is crafted from authentic Damascus Steel. The blade is crafted from a blend of carbon and iron ratios that makes it substantially stronger than conventional knife steels on the market.

The Hribarcain Omni Knife has a bespoke design that can be easily stowed in your pocket to address consumer preferences for products that are multifunctional, stylish and highly portable.