'How to Live to 100' Reveals How to Live a Long and Healthy Life

 - Jul 29, 2013
References: bmihealthcare & dailyinfographic
With the obesity crisis at an all-time high, it's no wonder that people (young people, especially) are wondering how to live a long and healthy life, without having to worry about health problems in their old age. A new infographic from BMI Healthcare reveals how to do just that.

This vibrantly illustrated infographic explains how people can make small changes to their lifestyles in order to add years onto their lives. Some of the main tips include: quitting smoking, eating balanced meals, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, and exercising regularly.

While all these tips might sound obvious, it's clear that a ton of people aren't following this advice. Over 20% of teenagers in the UK are overweight, while nearly 20% of 15 year-olds are obese. These numbers are staggering; obesity is becoming a daunting problem, but it is also one that can be easily resolved. People just need to follow the simple steps laid out by BMI Healthcare's brilliantly effective infographic.