This Infographic Reveals the Disparity in Reality-Singing Shows

 - Jul 29, 2013
References: clickitticket & clickitticket
It isn't all that surprising, but this infographic titled 'Popstar vs. Producer' exposes the nitty gritty of the disparity in income among participants of reality-singing shows. American Idol, Canadian Idol, The X Factor and The Voice are the four examples listed. The infographic points out that each of these shows pay its contestants ridiculously little compared to its producers.

One shocking fact stated is that Simon Cowell's single year salary is more than eight of the top contestants' album sales combined. Because past contest winners often start as low budget, they struggle to stay relevant in the industry. The infographic makes a good point that in a day and age where everything is a business, it pays a lot more to work on running the content rather than being the content.