'House Sch' is Built on the Edge of a Steep Precipice

 - Dec 27, 2016
References: dietrich.untertrifaller & archdaily
Spectacular vistas can separate nice homes from those that people fawn over, and 'House Sch' is built specifically to maximize the potential views for its residents. The house is built on an extremely steep cliff, with a cantilevered portion that pushes House Sch as far out into the valley below as is possible.

House Sch is located in Bregenz, Austria, a small town that covers mountainside and valley land around the Austrian Alps. The structure is made from concrete in order to effectively support the drastic cantilevering that the design features. However, this concrete base is complemented by soft wood panelling. The resultant feel on both inside and out is that of a cottage rather than a brutalist structure, which is appropriate considering that the residence is home to a single family.