'House Rheder' is Designed to Be as Reductive as Possible

 - Jan 12, 2017
References: architectureprize & archdaily
From its general architectural structure to the decor that fills it, 'House Rheder' is designed to be completely minimalist. The house, which is located in the eastern part of Germany's Westphalia region with a view of the river Nethe, was built by Dusseldorf architecture and design studio Falkenberg Innenarchitektur.

Nestled into the lush greenery that surrounds the banks of the Nethe, House Rheder has the goal of maximizing the natural beauty of that location. As such, it reduces the amount of design factors within the house itself. The structure consists of little more than a single room with a window onto a balcony. Even the furniture in House Rheder is minimalist, with lounge chairs that appear to have no legs and just one medium-sized dining table in the middle of the house.