'House over the Water' is Prepared for Changing Tides

 - Feb 22, 2018
References: archdaily
The Atlantic Ocean's tides may be predictable, but that doesn't make them gentle, and 'House over the Water' is designed to handle everything that the briny can throw at it. The home in Surry, Maine, is built out over the coast, but it's raised up on stilts to allow it to stay above the swells in the tide.

From the street, House over the Water looks relatively staid. However, when viewed from the coastal edge, the home's purpose is clear. Serving as the residence for an avid boatman, House over the Water is entirely ocean-focused, with floor-to-ceiling windows facing toward the bay and a sturdy set of stone stairs that grant access to the beach for embarking on boating trips.

Image Credit: Trent Bell, Dennis Welsh