House M + N's Roof is Designed to Be Walked On

 - Nov 29, 2016
References: josepferrando & archdaily
For most houses, the roof is purely utilitarian space, but for House M + N, the roof is a space for experimentation. Rather than simply serving as a shield to keep the elements at bay (e.g. wind, rain, et cetera,) House M + N's roof is designed such that the home's residents and guests can easily access it from various points around the property, essentially turning it into extra patio space.

House M + N is able to achieve its unique roof formulation thanks to the geography of the surrounding area and a clever use of architectural principles. Firstly, since the house is built on a sloping hill, it is easy to access the roof from the portions of the house that are higher up the hillside. Secondly, the architects used several ramps that lead directly onto the roof to encourage residents to make use of the area.