'House Brotero' is Ironically Staid and Devoid of Design

 - Apr 17, 2018
References: archdaily
In a certain respect, design is an inherent act of maximalism, as it consists of adding onto the core function of a thing to make it aesthetically attractive, but 'House Brotero' rethinks that concept. The new apartment in Lisbon is ironically devoid of traditional design features, making it juxtapose starkly against the brighter and more ebullient homes that surround it.

House Brotero is entirely whitewashed, which is its first minimalist conceit. The apartment also aims to remove all but the most necessary design flourishes. Its windows are all perfectly even and square, and the roof and walls are all flat and normal. The only bit of character in the apartment's design comes in the interior, in which there is a courtyard that has a partially covered area.

Image Credit: Francisco Nogueira