Hotel Exquis in Paris Boasts a Vibrant and Eccentric Decor

 - Dec 21, 2015
Located in Paris' hip 11th arrondissement, the Hotel Exquis is a dynamic new accommodation inspired by the Surrealist art movement. Hotel Exquis is a hotel of Elegancia and is another joint project between the brand and frequent collaborator Julie Gauthron.

Hotel Exquis boasts only 42 rooms that are categorized into eight Surrealism-inspired themes, with each room featuring its own art installation from various artists. The vibrant hotel goes above and beyond even the most cultured boutique hotel with its immersive decor. Featured artists include Jean Faucheur and Surfil, Monsieur Lui and Thom Thom. Each room at the luxurious hotel features a mix of bespoke and vintage furniture in a unique blend that adequately sums up this highly original 11th quarter of the city of lights.