Joy the Baker's Hot Buttered Rum and Cider is Heterogeneous

 - Dec 29, 2012
References: joythebaker & joythebaker
Joy the Baker's Hot Buttered Rum and Cider post merges an assortment of divergent flavors in a single pot. Joy begins the post on a humorous note, as do most of her blog entries. She points to how acceptable it often is to take in copious amounts of alcohol and butter during the holiday season by expressing just how okay she is with the fatty reality.

Joy incorporates spiced rum, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and apple cider into the Hot Buttered beverage. Each ingredient was then brought to a simmer, allowing the rich additions to take on a certain thickness that makes this drink a hearty option for festive parties. Dashes of lemon juice were used as a final touch, adding a bit of freshness to the creamy liquid.