From Peachy Green Tea Cocktails to Minty Cold Tea Beverages

 - Jun 22, 2015
These summer iced tea recipes range from cocktails that are peach, green tea or thyme-infused along with minty cold tea beverages that keep one cool and hydrated on a hot day. As teas continue to replace one's morning coffee, lifestyle bloggers and food and beverage brands are looking for new ways to remix traditional cold tea recipes.

In addition to infusing their iced teas with fresh fruits and herbs, these influencers are also experimenting with alcoholic blends that marry one's favorite spirit with traditional tea flavors. Standouts include strawberry and citrus beverages that are blended with artisanal ingredients like hibiscus, elderflower and ginger.

Other favorites include unsweetened tea varieties that are a healthy alternative to sugar-packed beverages and experimental tea jello treats that are made using molecular mixology practices.