The ‘Hopper Meditations’ Series is Inspired by Painter Edward Hopper

 - May 1, 2014
References: richardtuschman & featureshoot
‘Hopper Meditations’ is a series of digitally manipulated photographs of intimate bedroom scenes, the visual elements of which are inspired by the works of the great American painter Edward Hopper. The series is a nod to Hopper’s famed command of composition, tone, hue and mood.

Tuschman put together pieces by first photographing models against a plain background. He then took photographic images of dollhouse furniture—some of which he built himself—on his set. The photographs of the models and sets were then fused in Photoshop to create marvelous digital composites. This method gave Tuschman a huge amount of control over every aspect and detail of the photographs.

The Hopper Meditations were borne out of Tuschman’s love for the physical presence of paintings and his belief that photography is unsurpassed when it comes to emphasizing visual richness.