This Honey Maid Ad is a Response to Hateful Comments

 - Apr 10, 2014
References: youtube & triplepundit
Honey Maid may be the ultimate old-fashioned brand of graham crackers, but recent Honey Maid ads have gone out of their way to promote the idea that delicious graham crackers are for families of all kinds, not just what's thought of as the "traditional" family.

The brand's most recent ad -- titled simply 'Love' -- is a response to disapproval of the last Honey Maid ad, 'This is Wholesome'. That ad aired in early March and was a celebration of non-traditional families involving gay couples, single parents and mixed-race parents.

The ad ignited a firestorm of disapproving and hateful messages on social media and other platforms, prompting Honey Maid to issue a response in the form of the 'Love' ad.

The ad shows a pair of artists rolling sheets of paper -- containing disapproving messages -- into tubes and arranging them to form the word 'Love'. Rolled up sheets of paper containing supportive messages - over ten times as many -- form the background.

This heartwarming Honey Maid ad is a perfect response to people who disagreed with the 'This is Wholesome' ad's message of love and inclusiveness.