Honda Motor Compo Scooter Revamps an Old Classic

 - Dec 8, 2011
References: designboom & technabob
For those who remember the Honda Motor Compo Scooter from way back in the day, a newer, smaller one was recently introduced at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

The first noticeable difference between the older and newer model of the Honda Motor Compo Scooter is the size. It's been shrunk down to a smaller, travel-friendly size. Believe it or not, this vehicle can shrink down even further thanks to its collapsible design that can fit into the back of a car. In the middle of the handlebar area is a smartphone dock that will display information on the bike's speed and battery level.

The Honda Motor Compo Scooter is a concept at the moment. Whether it will come into fruition remains to be seen.Photo Credits: technabob, designboom