The Nxrobo 'Big-i' Features a Soft Exterior and Powerful Components

 - Apr 25, 2016
References: nxrobo & gizmag
The concept of home robots used to be reserved for science fiction stories, but the market is now being flooded with a variety of real-life options like the Nxrobo 'Big-i.' Invented by Dr. Tin Tun Lam, the Nxrobo 'Big-i' robot is like a robot butler that will learn the behavior patterns of those within the home and help out as best it can.

Regarding the design aesthetic of the Nxrobo 'Big-i,' it has a tubular exterior that's covered in soft fabric to make it seem less foreign to users. 3D mapping technology allows it to work its way around your home with ease, while the voice and facial recognition technology make it ready to help out every member of the family.