The 'SmartAll' Home Robot Acts as a Butler for the Whole Family

 - Apr 14, 2016
References: kickstarter & geeky-gadgets
The idea of a home robot is not longer appearing as foreign as in years past as products like the 'SmartAll' come about to help offer enhanced capabilities. Working with all the different connected items in your smart home, the 'SmartAll' can learn how individual users like their environment. This can include turning on certain lights when a person enters a room or perhaps playing the person's favorite kind of music.

The 'SmartAll' home robot makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to achieve such wonderful results. The facial recognition technology knows and learns about the inhabitants of a home to make it even more comfortable. What's more, the 'SmartAll' system can also act as a security system to monitor for unwanted guests.

The 'SmartAll' robot system is currently being funded on Kickstarter where early adopters can pick up one for themselves for as little as $99.