Hombre Mcsteez aka Marty Cooper Breaths Life into His Illustrations

 - Mar 14, 2014
References: mcgnarcal.tumblr & visualnews
Hombre McSteez (whose real name is Marty Cooper) has found a way to bring hilarious doodles in to the real world and not through the magic of movie editing and all that jazz. Instead, Hombre McSteez uses something a lot more simple: transparencies, white out and a good ol' black Sharpie marker. Once he has created an on-the-spot illustration, he holds it up in a particular scene and snaps a photo. The results are chuckle-worthy, to say the least.

Whether Hombre McSteez draws a giant polar bear leaning on the side of a skyscraper or a weird blob of a creature drinking fuel at a gas station and a piece of sushi running off with a friend, the scenarios are bizarre, fantastical and entertaining. His Tumblr is a must-follow.