This Infographic Categorizes People by Level of Christmas Cheer

 - Dec 24, 2012
References: visioncritical &
With this funny infographic, you'll be able to determine the different types of holiday personalities out there in a snap.

First off, there's the Shopping Santa who enjoys everything from visits to the mall to the festive shindigs during the holiday season; 42% of Canadians and 24% of Americans admitted to fitting perfectly into this category. Next up, there's the Holy Holidays, which is comprised of individuals who celebrate the holidays in a more religious sense, but also take the family interaction as number one; 59% of Americans fall under this description. Finally, there are the Humbugs who would rather forget the Christmas season than enjoy it; a lean 26% of Canadians, 15% of Americans and 21% of UK residents admit to being a little Scrooge-like around the holidays.