Alexander Petunin's 'hoLED Watch' Looks More Like a Bracelet

 - Jun 25, 2011
References: & designbuzz
Since the traditional watch is no longer necessary for telling the time now that almost everyone carries a cellphone or other device that can keep track of every passing minute and hour, the hoLED Watch shows how watch companies can adapt to make contemporary chronographs desired rather than required. The hoLED Watch looks more like a futuristic accessory rather than a practical watch.

Designed by Alexander Petunin, the hoLED Watch doesn't actually look like a watch at all. That is because it has sizable holes where the face should be. Yet by looking discreet, the hoLED Watch does pass more for a piece of jewelry than anything else. The biggest of the three holes tells the hour, the middle indicates the minute and the smallest represents the seconds.