10 Hip Ways to Wash Dishes, From Maytag Drawers to Baby Pink Dishwashers

 - Mar 11, 2009
References: trendhunter
Whether you use a Maytag or a super fancy European branded one, chances are, your home dishwasher has a pretty prominent space in the kitchen. While we’re used to dishwashers looking a certain way, you don’t have to settle for mainstream.

Since we generally see the same dishwasher designs over and over again, just with different labels, we don’t really think about the fact that they can look much different, but the gallery above proves that theory wrong.

Seen in the gallery above are hip dishwashers like the baby pink Smeg dishwasher (also seen in baby blue in image 4 and red in 5), Modular Dishwasher by Anna Lopez, the Maytag drawer dishwasher (great for small space living), the Teeny-Tiny Dishwasher by Ibsen Caldas & CWB Staff, the Bubble Dishwasher, flux dishwashing for the new generation by Jakob Bignert, redesigned dishwasher by Fei Ma and the beat-33 ultrasonic piezoelectrical dishwasher by Cristiano Giuggioli.