- Aug 9, 2011
If these futuristic dishwasher designs are any indication, doing dishes 20 years from now will be a drastically different chore. According to the designs featured here, the dishwashers of the future will be smaller, use less water and occasionally be built into other kitchen appliances.

Contemporary dishwashers are bulky and wasteful, taking up a large part of the kitchen and leaving a sizable imprint on the water bill. Many of these designs recycle water and actually save space as opposed to wasting it. Saving space and recycling water is all well and good, but the best of these futuristic dishwasher designs are the ones that are built into other objects. There is just something too cool about a lighting fixture and kitchen table designed to clean dishes.

From Blossoming Crockery Cleaners to Downsized Dishwashers: