De Dietrich Ultrasonic Dishwasher Blasts High Frequency Noise to Clean

 - Sep 27, 2009   Updated: Aug 2 2011
References: de-dietrich & dvice
De Dietrich has crated an ultrasonic dishwasher which cleans dishes by blasting used plates and glasses with high frequency sound in order to get them clean.

No matter if it looks like Sputnik; if the dishwasher is quiet, it is the best feature in your kitchen. No word on the decibel level with the De Dietrich’s ultrasonic dishwasher, but let’s just hope it doesn’t wake the neighbors when you run it.

Implications - As contemporary society continues its progressive ascent into full-scale technological domination, the importance of cutting-edge household appliances ratchets up. A company can capitalize on this by investing in products that provide a new and updated spin on an old product. By harnessing technology and blending it with a practical product, the company shows that it is on the forefront of innovation.