From Miniaturized Washing Machines to Hybrid Home Washers

 - Feb 21, 2013
Having a designated laundry room in a new home is often a big bonus, but those who are unable to have that convenience usually resort to sending their clothing out, but these space-saving washing machines are the perfect solution for those in need of a portable cleaning device.

Laundry machines often take up a large amount of real estate in your home, with their gargantuan size and need to be hooked up to a water line. Modern technology has taken these impractically sized items and revolutionized them into more convenient and easily accessible products. From laundry machines that are mounted on your wall to ones that are no bigger than a disco ball, these accommodating laundry devices make cleaning your clothes easy-as-pie.

While you may not be able to fit in that much clothing, these space-saving machines allow you the the ability to wash your clothes wherever you like.