'Oval' is a High-Tech Instrument that Plays Acoustic Instruments

 - Jun 18, 2015
References: ovalsound & kickstarter
Oval is a high-tech instrument that looks like a futuristic drum and can play any musical instruments such as a violin or a trumpet. The sophisticated high-tech instrument lets users learn and play music through the compatible tablet or smartphone app.

Oval is a rounded object that contains seven sensing pads that form a ring on the otter perimeter of the device and one sensing pad in the center. The pads look like flower petals. Each sensor is pressure-sensitive to produce organically controlled sounds. Each pad illuminates to aid users with visual cues.

This acoustic instrument is a learning tool that will expand each user's musical abilities and knowledge. It allows users to create their own sounds or follow a musical pattern.The connecting app allows users to create their own compositions and share them to an online community.