The HID Global ActivID Tap Authentication is Useful in Retail & Healthcare

 - Sep 9, 2015
References: digitaljournal & securitymiddleeast
HID Global software collaborated with Microsoft to enhance cloud app security. The system titled ActivID Tap Authentication will allow users to access cloud-based applications at any time without reducing security measures.

The ActivID Tap Authentication will be used by retail industry professionals to "access inventory control and payment systems from the store floor." It can also be used by healthcare professionals as well as enterprise users who continuously rely on Microsoft log-in systems. This quick tap-access will save time and ensure efficiency in numerous industries. By eliminating the need to type in tedious passwords through daily tasks, it will allow workers to conduct time-appropriate activities.

HID Global and Microsoft are currently working on a second webinar to elaborately explain this concept, which will be used as a security measure for smart access to laptops, tablets, smartphones and other NFC-based mobile devices.