Hexalights by Marcus Tremonto are Colorful Cubes of Light

 - Nov 17, 2011
References: treluce & trendland.net
The New York-based graphic designer Marcus Tremonto works with concepts like light, lamps and color to create a series of illustrations that shine by its creativity and visual effects.

Inspired French Pop comics of the 1960s, his latest series called 'Hexalights' consists of 2D lamps that were made using electroluminescent paper and graphics. This paper is made of organic material and plastic in order to emit light with the help of an electric current. These cubes were drawn in a way that appear to be three dimensional, creating a rich feeling of light and form. The drawings are so real that it's difficult to discern what's art and what's reality.

Hexalights by Marcus Tremonto shows the designer expertise in the subject and why his work has been exhibited internationally.