Hexa Folding Stove Opens from a Compact Form into a Culinary Necessity

 - Oct 31, 2013
References: yankodesign
It's terribly common that when a product is compressed in size for the purpose of portability that it often declines in quality of operation. The HexA Folding Stove concept is an idea that appears to achieve the best of both criteria, with a design that's unbelievably compact, easy to use and effective for its one particular function.

Ha Joo Yeon, Park Hung Jun and Yoon Seung Hyun came up with this collapsible burner to relieve campers of the burden of big gas stoves and propane tanks in their backpacks. This clever contraption can be bent up with its six hexagonal sides turned together, making it small enough to be held in a single fist. The HexA Folding Stove is thin and broad and stable enough to be positioned almost anywhere during use.