The 'Herp Derp' YouTube Extension Serves as a Commentator Police

 - Jul 17, 2012
References: tannr & laughingsquid
If you, like the creator of this ingenius app, hate terrible, hate-riddled or simply nonsensical YouTube comments, the 'Herp Derp' YouTube Extension is perfect. By adding it to your browser (Safari, Opera, Google Chrome or Firefox), the extension will change all YouTube comments to various combinations of 'Herp Derp.'

YouTube often has some thought-provoking or interesting comments that get voted up by other users, but the trolls go in and troll the comments with either terrible comments or else complete gibberish. The 'Herp Derp' YouTube Extension is the perfect solution to never encountering another YouTube troll again throughout your adventures on the Internet.

The concept of 'Herp Derp' has been around for some time now and basically represents nonsensical comments that are made by Internet trolls throughout the web.