Jody Steel Created Superhero Consumes Beneath the Illusion of Ripped Skin

 - Sep 23, 2015
References: facebook & designtaxi
Artist Jody Steel created this amazing series of heroic body paintings that reveal the iconic costumes being worn beneath the torn skin of her subjects.

The artwork plays on the idea that every superhero wears their costumes under their ordinary clothes. Instead, this artist shows that the costumes are under the actual skin of the humans, which makes it seem as though the hero is the true identity and the human is the disguise. For example, Jody Steel recreated the iconic Captain America solider. She began with jagged slash-like markings that showed the heroic armor beneath his skin using shading.

This stunning artwork is available for viewing through time-lapse videos on the artist’s YouTube channel. The recreated superhero body paintings are an honorable tribute to beloved comic book characters.