Henrietta by Lena Modigh Captures the Subject With an Eerie Closeness

There's a haunting beauty behind the series Henrietta by Lena Modigh. The photographer has a distinctive style by which she captures her subjects from unconventional angles, often affording viewers more compelling perspectives.

The beautorial presents an enigmatic experience, making the onlooker very much aware of the camera's location. Perhaps striking discomfort in the eyes of the observer, these photographs snap the model's legs, midsection and various angles of her torso, leaving one wondering if there's supposed to be someone else in that room. The domestic setting is dimly lit and the curtains are drawn, making this series of photos all the more mystifying.

With a long-haired girl looking like a sight you'd see stepping into a horror movie, Henrietta by Lena Modigh certainly challenges the curiosity of your eyes.