Hennessey Performance Offers Level Up From Corvette ZR1

Finally somebody has taken responsibility to make the beast of a ZR1 a little more scary. Upgrade moguls Hennessey Performance have taken the Corvette ZR1 and pumped that bad boy up into the Z700.

Hennessey didn’t only focus on giving more power to the already 638 hp car (they boosted it to 705) but they focused on reducing the weight of the car to compliment the slight (not that slight) horsepower upgrade. The tires have lost rotation weight, the body is leaner with a carbon fiber shell and all the while the Z700 stills comes down with 300 pounds of downforce.

The car starts at $207,000 and is accompanied by a donor ZR1 and a one-day performance driving instruction course at Lonestar Motorsports Park. Oh, what I’d do do get this package.