'HelpHero' Increases Businesses' Ability to Retain Site Visitors

 - May 23, 2018
References: helphero.co & producthunt
There's little that's more frustrating for a business than going through all the effort of getting a potential customer to their site only to lose them on the one yard line because they got confused once they arrived, so HelpHero is a tool that helps businesses to avoid that heartbreak. The service creates simple walkthroughs for websites, guiding consumers along the path to purchase or whatever else one's site aims to achieve.

While good design can go a long way in helping consumers to understand what they're looking at, some services are too niche to be able to be fully intuitive. For those businesses, HelpHero can set up tours that consumers can easily follow. The platform also provides businesses with analytics on the back end to give them an even more detailed understanding of consumer behavior on their site.