Heimlich Helper Lets You to Relieve Throat Obstructions On Your Own

 - Oct 5, 2013
References: amazon & bookofjoe
Many are embarrassed to mention it, but plenty of people who live alone have the occasional worry that an accident at home might unnecessarily result in injury or even death. The Heimlich Helper was developed to alleviate this anxiety. The apparatus enables a person to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on himself, producing a sufficiently forceful upward thrust that cannot be achieved with one's own hands.

The orange device is easy to spot in an emergency and it's ideally placed somewhere convenient, like the kitchen. In an instance of choking, the victim should point the rubberized tip of the Heimlich Helper against his abdomen, grab the handles and then pull quickly with power to dislodge the food that's caught in his windpipe.