Compare the Height of Actors in Hollywood With this Handy Chart

 - Jan 10, 2013
References: nextmovie & blameitonthevoices
There's the old saying that celebrities are shorter in real life and this handy chart will help you identify the height of actors from Hollywood to confirm or shut down your assumptions. The humorous chart accurately places some of the top actors in Hollywood along with some of the lesser known personalities on a convenient chart that arranges them according to height.

Coming in as the shortest celebrity to grace the chart, Danny Devito is a mere 5 feet tall. The tallest celebrity is none other than the infamous George Clooney who tops the chart at 5'11. Other stars that make the chart include Tom Cruise, Robin Williams and Javier Bardem who are all 5'7 in real life. The 5'9 actor Jason Statham is the only actor of that height and stands along within the mid-range height category.